Grow ideas of ambitious entrepreneurs

We look for impressive teams who are building innovative high growth businesses, using technology to change or create markets

Stage of investment

We seek pre-seed and seed investments with the ability to show a proof of concept or a market need


We value capital-efficient business models, with fasting scalable opportunities to other other markets or geographies and milestone achievement to attract the next level of capital investment at an increased valuation

The teams being the project key element should for seek a full-time commitment to it, have complementary skills and be able to show their drive and ambition.

What to include in your pitch / presentation

Problem / Opportunity

  • Problem description
  • Problem willing to solve
  • Market (clients, dimension)


  • Solution, technology and innovation description
  • Stage of development (ex. prototype, developed product, commercial pilot, etc)
  • Intellectual property (ex. patents) and state of request (deadlines, who controls it, etc)


  • Today’s competition (players, proposed solution, market share, financial figures, etc)
  • Competitive advantage / differentiating factors



  • Team members (founders, advisors, other investors)
  • Academic and professional background
  • Shareholder structure

Marketing Strategy

  • Business model / How to monetize the idea
  • Go-to-market / Marketing plan (high level)


  • Activities plan
  • Financial forecast (high level)


  • Financial and non-financial needs
  • Investment application